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Windows 2000 explorer online magazine is published by Duke Communications Europe Ltd as an independent resource for UK-based IT professionals running or evaluating the Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems.

Mission Statement:

The aim of www.explorermag.com is to keep regular visitors informed of the latest goings on in the Windows NT / Windows 2000 arena. With daily, weekly and monthly updates www.explorermag.com is the ideal resource for IT professionals searching for dedicated information regarding Microsofts industry strength operating systems.

Regular readers of the now deceased Windows NT & 2000 explorer magazine (printed edition) will be able to find all the regular content of the magazine including columns, opinion, contributors and much, much more online.

If you have any questions regarding Windows 2000 explorer online magazine, please don’t hesitate to use the masthead below, alternatively you can send ideas, thoughts and questions to feedback@explorermag.com

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