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Microsoft Windows2000 Deployment Conference

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Last months special reports at a glance...
Feb 2000 The technology behind an ASP
Jonathan Moss takes a look at the technologies that make ASP possible.
Feb 2000 Wired for business
Application Service Providers are the latest fashion for companies wanting to minimise costs and offload their IT headaches. Danny Bradbury finds out how relevant they are to small businesses.
Feb 2000 Any time, any place anywhere
The booming ASP industry relies on secure and stable remote access. Michael Ohajuru explains how this is achieved.

Special reports - monthly feature calendar 2000

January 2000 Training for Windows 2000

explorermag.com finds out what’s in store for those who want to make the transition from NT4.0 to Win2K.

February 2000 Application service providers (ASP)
What are the technical and business benefits of renting applications over the net? explorermag.com investigates…

March 2000 Integrating UNIX and Windows 2000
To conquer the enterprise Windows 2000 must coexist with other system types. This month we explore how to bring Unix and Win2K together to create an integrated environment.

April 2000 Clustering and load balancing
We discover where Microsoft intends to go with its clustering strategy and what it needs to do in order to stand up to the competition.

May 2000 E-Commerce
We discover how e-commerce has revolutionised UK industry and how Windows 2000 will effect this revolution.

2000 Windows NT/2000 security
We examine the security issues effecting Windows NT /2000

2000 Exchange server 2000
What can this new version of Exchange Server 2000 do for you?

2000 Internet Information server (IIS)
We discover how to optimise IIS Web Server Software

2000 Database Standards
explorermag.com examines the current state of play in the database wars

2000 Storage
We investigate what is at the core of the tremendous growth in the storage industry.

2000 Messaging
Windows NT /2000 is changing the face of remote computing. explorermag.com evaluates the latest in the communication tools market.

2000 Beyond Windows 2000
What next for Microsoft?


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